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Wall Mount Cases

Wall mount cases are available in one length of 48 inches. Case dimensions are 32 inches high by 12 inches deep, and come complete with three 10 inch deep glass shelves. You can also choose from our available colors, including black, almond, white, grey, oak, cherry, mahogany, or maple. We also carry miniature versions of showcases.

You'll get your wall cases quickly. Most orders arrive within 2 to 3 business days. Custom orders are available, so call now and find out what we can do for you.

Color Bar NEW

These are our standard colors. Please inquire about laminates.  

Trophy cases:

Trophy showcases are the classic glass front opened cases.  Designed originally for trophies, the full 60" high merchandising area is perfect for showcasing large items along the wall with full results.


Glass display area is 60" high with a choice of two depths.  Wood base is 4" high.  Overall height of case is 72" < 70" with top crown.


Complete with 4 adjustable 12" deep shelves.

Counter Top Cases:

custom-cases-2 custom-cases-1 custom-cases-3 wall mount-case

Counter Top Cases are miniature version of showcases, scaled down to show off smaller items, perfect for impulse buying.


Counter top cases are 24" high by 10" deep, and come complete with tow full length shelves.



trophy-case trophy-case-2 Wall Mount Unit2 Double-Tall-Wall---38646483---2014-10-09 Gray-Glass-Case---38646483---2014-10-09 Brown-Wood-Case---38646483---2014-10-09 Extra-Vision-Wall-Case---38646483---2014-10-09

Extra Vision Trophy Case

Wall Case with Small Storage

Basic Wall Case

Wall Case with Large Storage

Wall Case with Base and Chrome

Wall Case with Base