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Get proper lighting and reliable locks for all cases

Let us help you get fluorescent lighting, halogen bulbs, LED lights, and more. We also have cylinder locks to add security and functionality.

Whether you are looking for halogen lighting, or need LED lighting to save energy and reduce heat, you can find it all by working with us.


You can also get easy-to-use cylinder push locks, with two keys provided for every set. No matter what you need, let our team find the right locks and lights for your customers.

Halogen lighting will enhance the view of merchandise, especially the look of jewelry. Halogen lighting can be used in extra vision, full vision, half vision, jewelry showcases, and towers. The lights are positioned in a strip, with one light for every 6 inches. This forms a strip of either 4 lights in a 48 inch case, 5 lights in a 60 inch case, or 6 lights in a 70 inch case. This includes a transformer place under the base of each showcase.


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